With offices in Italy, NY and Silicon Valley, Futuryng has been a broad international collaboration from the start, beginning with its founders

Franco Petrucci
CEO and Co-Founder

« From our work at Decisyon, I understood that industrial customers need technology that simplifies. Business operations need to think and move as if they have a mind of their own. »

In 2005, after leading major projects for Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Wyeth, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Trelleborg, Franco founded Decisyon, the first graphical application-building platform that fully integrates analysis, planning and execution functionality to improve business performance.

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Erik W. Jansen

« We need to be ready for the next leaps of technology: for revolutions like artificial intelligence to be deployed quickly and effectively, you need a smart and adaptable infrastructure already in place. »

Erik has more than two decades of successful technology venture capital experience in the US and internationally. He co-founded Pequot Ventures, the venture capital arm of Pequot Capital Management, a multibillion-dollar investment manager.

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We are here to redesign the industrial sector

Deploying a unique blockchain-based connectivity protocol, Futuryng is developing an ecosystem of interconnected IoT technologies in five prioritized areas: Industry 4.0, Smart Space, Smart Infrastructure, Energy and Digital Health. Futuryng’s approach models organizations as digital organisms with dynamically interconnected parts. Futuryng’s customers benefit from more intelligent and efficient operations, and the ability to quickly reconfigure their IoT implementations as their needs and market conditions change.

Use cases

Several major companies have already chosen to work with us and demand is growing. If you’d like to find out what we are working on today, and understand what we can do for your company, please contact us through the website form or leave a message in the chat. We will get back to you quickly.

One of our projects was for a Johnson & Johnson factory in Italy. The company wanted to raise its already high safety standards in “grey areas” of the production plant (ie, unmanned areas that are not fully illuminated). The alternatives they initially explored would have been complicated and costly, and would have taken a long time to complete. Futuryng’s solution, which enabled interaction with various sensors for pressure and acoustic temperature, as well as video, achieved the project’s objectives in 90 days. Further, we were able to build and deploy a predictive analytics application across the entire system. The plant has become the new global standard and we are already working on additional facilities.

How does Futuryng work?

Inspired by the personal interactions in social networks, we have developed a new peer-to-peer connectivity technology called MetaFyre™. Blockchain-based, it allows an organization to dynamically connect its various parts by first transforming and representing them as digital building blocks. Whether they are IoT components or parts of existing systems, these digital bricks become interconnected as if they were neurons of a digital nervous system.

A digital mind is created that connects previously discontinuous, unintegrated systems, which now can communicate with each other and self-regulate as a digital organism. Thanks to the blockchain, this organism can then securely interact with other digital organisms in its ecosystem—partners, suppliers, customers—to maximize efficiency and adaptability. In addition to connecting the physical and digital worlds in this way, Futuryng is going further to accelerate the development of IoT solutions that respond to industrial customers’ needs. It is incubating and building a new generation of startups architected from the start as a set of digital building blocks. As a result, they can be dismantled and reconfigured dynamically to better support evolving processes.

With MetaFyre™ everything is connected and under control

MetaFyre™ is our connectivity management paradigm. By connecting data from sensors and systems, it transforms disparate technologies into ecosystems whose individual components can leverage the functionality of all the others.


Futuryng has a «connected full stack» business model, a hybrid between a technology incubator, an IoT systems integrator, and an early-stage venture capital firm. Futuryng’s natively integrated technologies accelerate the design and deployment of IoT solutions that deliver high value to industrial customers.

Technology Glue

MetaFyre™ is the Futuryng technology that connects all individual digital bricks in the ecosystem, whether software-as-a-service, on-premises or edge technologies. Each technology can call on the functionality of all other technologies in the ecosystem.

Sales enabled Startup Studio

Builds and scales multiple pre-integrated startups simultaneously by helping to sell their technology as part of customer implementations. Technologies are incubated only if they are complementary to the network and help complete the related technology cluster. As in a social network, once a new MetaFure™-incubated startup enters the ecosystem, it becomes dynamically connected with all other ecosystem technologies.

Technology Cluster

Futuryng's goal is to build technological clusters comprising several interconnected startups so that solutions can be assembled easily for final customers. The incubated technologies will be exclusively B2B and focused on the five prioritized technology clusters: Industrial Internet, Smart Space, Smart Infrastructure, Energy, and Digital Health.

IoT Integrator

The IoT Integrator will market the innovations generated by the Studios, generating revenues while accelerating those startup technologies that will work well in the market. IoT is an ecosystem game, meaning that the market is looking for end-to-end solutions, not separate components. Futuryng’s IoT Integrator will use pre-integrated technologies to assemble and sell such solutions more easily than others can.

Our team

We are proud of our team’s deep experience. Many of us have worked together closely on prior projects.

Franco Petrucci
Franco Petrucci
Co-founder & CEO

​ Founder, Board Member and CTO at Decisyon, a true business and fund-raising success case. Executive, serial entrepreneur, global business leader and investor. One of the recognized leaders in the Internet of Things space. Significant hands-on international operations experience in USA and Europe

Erik W. Jansen​
Erik W. Jansen​
Co-founder & Chairman

​ More than 20 years of successful technology investing experience. Co-founded the venture capital arm of Pequot Capital, a multibillion-dollar U.S. registered investment adviser focused on public and private technology companies.

Ben Hennelly
Ben Hennelly
New York Office

​ Strategy, Finance and Corporate Development executive with extensive experience managing venture/growth investments and investee operations. Industry background includes software, energy, telecom, private equity, and strategy consulting. Based in NY and London. Areas of primary focus include blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), clean energy, additive manufacturing.​

Kumar Sanjay
Kumar Sanjay
San Francisco Office

Highly experienced, results-driven corporate strategy, M&A and investments executive (private equity, venture funds). Broad expertise in structuring strategies to accelerate growth, organically and through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and licensing. ​

Mariele Giliberti
Mariele Giliberti
Senior Partner

Mariele is a Senior Partner supporting the ecosystem team responsible for Customer, Partner and Market Success. Previously, she was a Decisyon co-founder and worked in R&D.​ ​

Angela Ciccolella
Angela Ciccolella
Digital Twin Director

10 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, managing systems implementation projects and validation, with broad expertise in European and FDA regulations. Core competencies include compliance assessment, laboratory operations, logistics, production, planning, and process analysis for gap identification. Computer Engineering degree.

Antonio Vivalda
Antonio Vivalda
Chief R&D Officer

More than 15 years of hands-on technical and leadership experience in software product development (enterprise & SaaS). ​Successfully architected, designed and delivered Decisyon enterprise software as main inventor, serving as head of development for 13 years.

Claudio Letizia
Claudio Letizia
Chief Innovation Officer

Focused leader with global expertise in developing robust business and operating models that bridge strategy, lean operations, and effective marketing & sales. A visionary innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit, honored by the Lazio Region and Lazio Innova as Best Practice Architect.

Gabriele Gardosi​
Gabriele Gardosi
Chief Delivery Officer

​ Delivery and development executive. IT leader in numerous international projects, focused on deployment of end-to-end technologies in IIoT and manufacturing. Technical Data Evangelist providing execution management oversight to global teams.​

Vincenzo Lombardi​
Vincenzo Lombardi
Chief IoT Officer

​ 20 years of experience as technical director and IT manager, development team coordinator, project manager and scientific manager in research and development projects. Expert in design of architectures with the state of the art of cloud based technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and fog computing.

Dario Moceri
Dario Moceri
Blockchain Team Leader

Expert in blockchain and IT development. Responsible for developing new components and integration of decentralized technologies into the Futuryng ecosystem. Active member of the international cryptocurrencies community.

Andrea Ionta
Andrea Ionta
Chief Marketing Officer

Expert in new media and digital marketing, Andrea has served as senior consultant and digital strategist for multinational companies, with specialization in B2B. He began his career in television as a producer of nature documentaries. He began working in online advertising in the early days of the industry with a focus on engagements, leads generation and customer management.

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.
Legal Counsel

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. is a general practice, full service Am Law 100 law firm employing approximately 500 attorneys serving clients worldwide. They are headquartered at One Financial Center in Boston’s Financial District and have additional US offices in Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, as well as an office in London and a strong international practice.

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